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weightcontrol.in is a website that provides information to assist you in weight management by healthy eating and physical exercise. Plus, it helps the customers choose the right product by providing buyers guide and top reviewed products from e-commerce sites. Before purchasing nowadays, we need to be well-informed about the product to avoid any confusion or mistakes.

We mostly shop primarily on suggestions from friends and family and have little time to perform in-depth research. Reviews can be a real life-saver. After completing our exhaustive research on each and every product specification, we conclude the greatest product online. We also include reviews of products bought from e-commerce sites, user guides.

Our goal is to give relevant fitness product information, especially for the most popular ones.

We hope this the website serves as a starting point where individuals will decide on the the product they’ve been searching for.

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Gaurav Kaushik is a Technologist professionally who lives in Chennai. He has a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from BIT Mesra. Further, He has completed his Diploma in Diet Planning and Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from Udemy. In his free time, Gaurav loves exploring new corners of the world and enjoys living an active and healthy life.

Saurabh Kaushik works as a writer for weightcontrol.in, and he’s automobile enthusiastic. He is a Mechanical Engineer and enjoys writing about yoga and fitness. He enjoys going to different places.

Doctor Ajeet is medical officer by profession and provide specialist advised on health blogs. He appreciates having a healthy and active lifestyle.