Best Exercise Cycle At Home

What is the Exercise Cycle, and how does it work?

Physical activity and regular exercise are crucial to staying healthy. Using equipment like an exercise cycle allows you to work out consistently. Cycling is considered one of the safest cardio exercises for overweight people due to not causing pressure on joints.

This herbal remedy will lower high blood pressure, help keep your blood sugar at normal levels, and fight heart disease.

When you ride your bicycle for 5 kilometers per day, you achieve significant health benefits.

However, suppose you don’t have time to head out for a cycle ride. Cycling exercise at home is a convenient alternative.

Tips: How to Choose the Best Exercise Cycles in India

If you are looking to buy the best exercise bike in India, there are many choices.

The exercise cycle must be selected for various reasons, such as price, needs, needs, and goals. Here are the following considerations.

Frequency of Using

If you use 2-3 days a week, you can buy a gym membership. But statistics show that having it at home helps you stick to your resolutions. You can do intense physical activities while watching TV, even in bad weather.

If you really want to start exercising, start with 15 minutes a day. However, 15 minutes is just not a solution if you intend to lose weight. Slowly, you can extend it to up to 30-45 minutes a day.

Exercise bikes combine aerobic and low-impact exercise. It is helpful for people with back issues. It also provides a decent aerobic workout and meets your goals on a nominal budget. Exercise bikes combine aerobic and low-impact exercise. It is helpful for people with back issues. It also provides a decent aerobic workout and meets your goals on a nominal budget.

Types of Exercise Bikes

Whether you want to lose fat, get stronger, or add exercise to your routine, a fitness bike is an excellent product.
It is easier to decide which type of fitness bike you need once you know your fitness goals.

Upright bikes

A workout on an upright bike focuses on the upper body. While maintaining an upright position, it works on the stomach muscles.

If your only goal is cardiovascular fitness, you should buy an upright bike.

This is the basic exercise bike.

Spin bikes

For burning fat faster, spin bikes are highly effective.

They offer a difficult workout and the feeling of actually cycling on the road.

The Spin bike is a low-impact, high-intensity pedalling bike.

Recumbent bikes

Recumbent bikes provide a workout for the lower body, upper body, strengthening and weight loss.
While working out, the recumbent bike offers a way to maintain good posture.

Hybrid bikes

Hybrid bikes are good for beginners because they have a mix of recumbent and upright bikes.

Air Bikes

Air bikes have two handles and a fan that’s operated by pedals.

When purchasing an air bike, you need to set your workout program and resistance to your speed because they don’t have preset programmes.

An air bike is the ideal piece of equipment for pedalling. When you move your legs, you move the pedals also. This adds to the upper body workout.

If you’re looking for a basic cardio or upper body workout, opt for an upright bike. If you’re targeting muscle building and losing weight, choose the recumbent bike. The Spin Bike is preferable for low-impact and higher-intensity workouts. Hybrid bikes are for beginners. The Air Bike is suitable for High-Intensity Interval Training.


Before buying a bicycle, set a budget. However, exercise cycles are not very costly. A good exercise cycle comes in the range between ₹ 10,000- ₹ 15,000 in India.

You can get a good exercise cycle for less than ₹ 10,000 in India. As a result, the majority of them are affordable.

Belt Drive System

In the Belt Drive System, pedals are what gives it power. The pedal rotates the gear wheel, which then moves the belt to turn the gear wheel.


When you use an exercise cycle, a console is critical. It shows you how long you have been working out, the distance covered and your speed.

Also, it gives you an estimation of how many calories you have lost and your heart rate based on pulse grip sensors. Furthermore, the level of resistance and the training schedule can also be seen.

Seat Adjustment

Seat adjustment ensures that you don’t damage your back and joints while exercising.

Weight Rating

The maximum allowed user weight is also an important factor. Stationary cycles usually hold 90-150 kg, depending on the price range.

Best cycle machine for exercise in India

If you have made up your mind to buy an exercise cycle, but you are unclear about which bike to go with, this article will help you. We will help you find the best gym cycle for your home through our thorough study and pointwise explanation. Below are the best cycles for exercise in India.

#1/5 Reach Air Exercise Cycle

Reach provides highly effective fitness equipment. In particular, they are highly rated for promoting weight loss and also toning your body.
The following are the details of important parameters offered by the basic exercise cycle by Reach. It is widely accepted as the best exercise cycle in India. This cycling exercise machine is specifically suitable for home use.

Important Features

Drive ArrangementBelt Drive Arrangement
Resistance MechanismBelt Resistance System
ConsoleSpeed, Distance, Time, Calorie
Seat AdjustmentAvailable
Weight Rating100 Kgs
Upright or Recumbent Upright
Equipment Weight20 Kgs
Sturdy design.Not as such.

#2/5 Powermax Fitness Upright Cycle

Powermax provides the highest quality of health and fitness products. In addition, it is also rated high for safety and a satisfying user experience. 

Powermax fitness equipment is very affordable. As a result, all individuals have the privilege of being fit at home. Important specifications as offered by Powermax exercise cycle for home are as follows.

Important Features

Drive ArrangementBelt Drive System
Resistance MechanismMagnetic
ConsoleTime, Speed, Distance, Odometer, Calories, and Pulse
Seat AdjustmentAvailable
Weight Rating100 Kgs
Upright or RecumbentUpright
Equipment Weight10.5 Kgs
Cheap still works great.Not as such.

#3/5 Lifelong Stationary Exercise Belt Cycle

Lifelong manufactures fitness equipment for home use. Further, the design of Lifelong appliances ensures modern consumers’ needs.

Specifications, as offered by the lifelong cycling exercise machine, are as tabulated below,

Important features

Drive ArrangementBelt Drive Arrangement
Resistance MechanismMagnetic
Console‎Speed, Calories Burned, Time, Distance
Seat AdjustmentAvailable
Weight Rating100 Kgs
Upright or RecumbentUpright
Equipment Weight9 Kgs
Smooth pedaling.Few users reported problems with customer
support and the assembly of the cycle.

#4/5 Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 Air Exercise Cycle

Sparnod General Trading LLC, founded in Dubai, is a major giant in fitness, sports equipment, and accessories.

Sparnod also manufactures one of the most prominent exercise cycle machines.

Important Features

Drive ArrangementBelt Drive Arrangement
Resistance MechanismAir Resistance and Belt Tension
ConsoleTime, speed, distance and calories
Seat AdjustmentAvailable
Weight Rating100 Kgs
Upright or RecumbentRecumbent
Equipment Weight18 Kgs
Moving handles for an upper-body workout. The seat is a bit hard.

#5/5 LEEWAY Air Cycle

LEEWAY is an Indian brand and is committed to the development and production of professional sports equipment. In addition, the LEEWAY exercise cycling machine provides a Hi-Tech Display.

Important Features

Drive ArrangementBelt Drive System
Resistance MechanismBelt Resistance System
ConsoleTime, speed, distance and calories
Seat AdjustmentAvailable
Weight Rating100 Kgs
Upright or RecumbentUpright
Equipment Weight25 Kgs
It is easy to assemble. No Toolkit is provided.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does an exercise bike help to reduce belly fat?

Cycling burns calories at 300 to 700 per hour, so you can use it for belly fat-melting workouts. Another amazing benefit of the exercise bike is that it helps tone your legs and butts.

The benefits do not stop here. They include reducing stress, which is one of the factors causing abdominal fat.

How does the exercise bike help to reduce belly fat?

Belly fat gets away from cycling 15 minutes a day or 30 minutes five times a week.

Remember: even if you use the best equipment or follow the best diet, it won’t help you meet your goals if your nutrition is imbalanced.

Exercise bikes are great for getting you to and getting rid of fat.

These efforts will help you lose weight and burn fat from your stomach!

What is Magnetic Resistance and other types of resistance for exercise cycles?

Magnetic Resistance

A magnetic field creates friction against the flywheel. The magnets are not directly connected to the flywheel.

In contrast, the variable resistance is generated by adjusting the proximity of the magnets. The magnetic attraction resistance can be controlled by careful adjustment of a micro-tension knob.

 Since the flywheel does not touch the magnet, magnetic exercise cycles are reasonably quiet.

Contact Resistance

Contact resistance exercise cycles use either a belt or leather pad to apply friction to the flywheel. Users can alter the resistance by turning a micro-tension knob.

Air Resistance

Conversely, the air exercise cycle uses a fan. In the air cycle, resistance is created by fan blades mounted on the wheel. On paddling, the fan pushed against the air. The resistance offered by the flywheel depends on the pressure you apply to the pedals.

What is the difference between the upright cycle and the recumbent cycle?

Upright cycles are designed more like standard road cycles. However, they have a console, programmes, a flywheel and a broader, more convenient seat.

The recumbent cycle provides added support for the back. Consequently, recumbent cycles are good for those who are new to cycling and suffering from back pain.

Will a heavier flywheel give better results for the exercise cycle machine?

Exercise bikes don’t require heavy flywheels since they are only used to generate momentum for pedalling. Heavy flywheels better simulate outdoor bikes and make pedalling a smoother experience. A bicycle is rarely quick to start; it takes a lot of pedalling force to get it up to full speed. And when it is up to speed, the momentum created by pedalling will keep the bike moving.

What is the best exercise bike in India?

If you have back pain, then the Sparnod Recumbent Bike is for you. It comes with backrest support. If you want to have an overall excellent experience, then the Reach cycle is the way to go.

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