5 Myths About Weight Loss

In consultation with Dr Ajeet Pratap Singh (Medical Officer)

Even if you closely follow your diet and exercise regimen, there will always be some degree of cheating and lying. Fasting, or removing particular foods and nutrients from our meals, are popular short-term weight-loss solutions that typically result in regaining the weight, if not more. Unfortunately, even healthy relationships with treadmills can be jeopardized by people believing falsehoods about weight loss.

The challenge is to recognize and defeat those false claims. Here is the list of lies so you can battle the bulge armed with the truth.

Myth 1: No matter what, snacking is never a good idea.

You do not have to give up all of your favourite snacks to lose a few kgs. Moreover, having snacks between meals may encourage you to eat less and prevent overeating or eating junk food later in the day. In fact, dietitians frequently recommend that you have five smaller meals throughout the day rather than consuming all of your calories in one go.

To lose weight, you do not have to give up all of your favourite snacks. Moreover, having snacks in between meals may encourage you to eat less and prevent you from eating junk food or overeating later on in your day.

One of the primary reasons snacking has a negative reputation is the choices we make. For example, vending machines are stocked with chips, cookies, candy, and other tempting — but fattening — delights.

Myth 2: Say no to fast food.

 Even if the double Aloo Tikki burgers, fries, and cokes are no longer an option, there is no need to completely give up fast food if you want to stick to your weight-loss programme. The major issue with fast food is that the sodium content is far higher than optimal.

 Here are some additional suggestions for a healthy lifestyle. 

  • As a beginning, order a salad.
  • Grilled chicken is preferable to fried chicken.
  • Keep the sauce and dressings to the side or scrape as much as you can.

Myth 3: Carbohydrates are terrible for weight loss.

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Every dietitian will agree that the idea that carbs are all unhealthy is untrue. However, there is still something to be learned from low-carb diets. Carbohydrates are not equally bad; you should avoid processed carbs frequently high in sugar and white flour. As a substitute, eat beans, whole grains — such as brown rice or whole-grain bread. Fruits and vegetables are high in minerals and fibre while being low in calories. Moreover, they can reduce the risk of many diseases.

While exercising, the body uses carbohydrates as fuel to burn fat, which is another compelling reason to keep the bread basket on the table.

Myth 4: You will never gain weight if you eat properly and exercise regularly.

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You will never gain weight if you eat properly and exercise regularly.

You must be prepared to adapt your lifestyle and diet as you age, change, and grow. Actually, our metabolism slows down as we get older. As a result, you may find yourself having to eat less or exercise more to avoid gaining weight.

Myth 5: Certain foods increase your metabolic rate and help you lose weight.

There are no foods that can enhance your metabolic rate or help you burn calories. However, even if specific meals speed up your metabolism, the amount is too little to be considered a miracle cure.

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In consultation with Dr Ajeet Pratap Singh (Medical Officer)

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