Obesity has become an epidemic in India, with most Indians having BMIs above the optimum range. Furthermore, while the obesity rate continues to grow, the number of Indians actively trying to shed weight declines. It seems Indians are getting accustomed to greater body sizes. There are crucial reasons for losing weight that has nothing to do with how you appear. 

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Here are 8 Reasons For Losing Weight

# 1 – Better immunity

A healthy weight significantly reduces the risk of getting diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic conditions. On the other hand, excessive fat disrupts hormones, slows down the body, and sets the stage for chronic disease.

# 2 – Better mental health

Happiness has a biological basis. Your body creates specific hormones to promote happiness. Inflammatory chemicals created by extra body fat disrupt not only feel-good chemicals but also boosts stress hormones.

Moreover, weight gain raises the risk of depression. Obese individuals make up well over 40% of depressed adults. Therefore, better mental health is also a reason for losing weight.

# 3 – Better reproductive system

Carrying extra weight influence your reproductive health. In fact, significant numbers of infertility concerns are attributable to additional weight. Furthermore, Irregular periods and extended pregnancy rates are associated with overweight or obese women.

# 4 – Better sleep quality


Getting restful sleep every night is a critical aspect of staying healthy. Without good sleep, you can’t perform at your best. Sleep deprivation is an important Reason for losing weight.

Overweight people have trouble sleeping because their lungs can not expand adequately due to excess belly fat. Plus, overweight people are also at a greater risk of obstructive sleep apnea, in which they stop breathing many times while they’re asleep.

# 5 – Improved sex

Even when you want sex, being overweight or obese can hinder your performance. ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is a physical condition that affects a man’s ability to develop and maintain an erection.

Obese males are more likely than healthy guys to get ED. In India, high body fat is thought to be responsible for numerous ED incidents.

# 6: Better agility

We intend to move. Muscles work to keep your heart healthy and your hormones balanced. Adults who gain weight move less, resulting in a weight increase.

This vicious cycle might leave you feeling out of shape and a genuine reason for losing weight.

Maintaining a healthy weight as you mature is vital. A healthy BMI protects against chronic diseases like diabetes, but did you know it also protects against age-related disorders? Too much body fat causes inflammation and cell damage, placing older overweight people at risk for several lethal diseases.

To keep age related problem at a bay is an important reason to losing weight.

# 8: Better endurance

Fat impairs your body’s capacity to use energy efficiently. Try carrying a couple of sandbags measured on Weight Scale Machine to get an idea of how much extra weight strains your body. It is difficult to exercise with low energy levels, and lack of activity contributes to weight gain. You’re soon stuck in a sedentary hamster wheel.


Whatever your reasons for losing weight, you’ll have to find another if they don’t work. It is unlikely that you do not find any reason to lose weight. Always start with the question to  yourself, “Why am I really interested in losing weight?

This article for educational and information purpose only, not to provide medical advice. Always visit a physician or other certified health provider about any medical issue or health goal.

In consultation with Dr Ajeet Pratap Singh (Medical Officer)

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