5 Best Vibration Machine in India (2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews!

GAURAV KAUSHIK (Technologist, Diet Planner, Yoga Instructor)

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What are vibration machines, and how do they work?

Dieting and exercise are the most effective ways of maintaining weight. Still, because of time constraints, they are tough to follow. Alternate methods are vibrating plates. A vibrating mechanism uses motors to allow high-frequency vibrations to reach the base, causing instant dissipation of excessive bodily fat.

The practice of vibrating machines regulates blood circulation, offers pain relief and muscle strengthening.

Vibration machines increase metabolism and can also boost blood circulation. Generally, people perform exercises like squats, pushups, or crunches on the vibration plate.

Tips: How to Choose the Best Vibration Machine

These are essential criteria to look for when choosing a Smart Weighing Machine.

Power Consumption

Choosing a vibration plate based on less power consumption is likely to be counter-productive. A vibration plate gives a challenging workout by releasing a large amount of energy into your muscles. The vibration plate transfers power in the form of heat, sound and mechanical vibration. Loud, heavy and high energy-consuming vibrators are best for working out.

Weight Rating

When buying a vibrating machine, the weight rating is one of the most essential features. It indicates the maximum weight it can carry.

People’s weights are different. Therefore, it is wise to use a vibrating system that can accommodate a minimum of 120kgs.

Display and button

Buttons such as the power button, speed increase and decrease, and time buttons are necessary. Additional controls are included for the convenience of use.


Since there are so many brands and models of vibration plates, the sizes will vary as well. The vibrating plate in this blog we are discussing should essentially be a portable type. It should be straightforward to find a size that suits you perfectly.

Best Vibrating Machine in India

#1/5.Lifelong CrazyFit Vibration Plate

The Crazyfit vibrating plate massager will help you get fit and flexible. A one-year warranty is provided with the massager.

Important Features

Power Consumption200 W
Weight Rating150 Kgs
Customized SettingTimer, 99 Speed Level
Dimensions600 X 340 X 135 mm

  • Silent motor.
  • •Stretch bands provide support and muscle toning. It makes a sound as it touches the vibration plate

#2/5.KOBO 200W Vibration Plate

With the Kobo vibration machine, you can have your relaxing and medium-paced exercise easily.

Important Features

Power Consumption200 W
Weight Rating 150 Kg
Customised SettingTimer, 120 Speed Level
Dimensions680 X 390 X 140 mm

  • Noiseless motor.
  • Not as such.

#3/5.ARG  Power Vibration Plate

The ARG Power Plate has a significant effect on cellulite and body fat reduction. This may be attributed to changes in metabolic rate.

mportant Features

Power Consumption200 W
Weight Rating120Kgs
Customised settingTimer, 99 Speed levels
Dimensions700 X 400 X 210 mm

  • Excellent customer support.
  • • The black-coloured rubber sheet comes out often while doing exercise.

#4/5. Sterling Power Vibration Exercise Machine

Sterling Fitness is a renowned name in the market. Since 2015, Sterling has been working as a manufacturer and supplier of a variety of fitness equipment.

Important Features

Power Consumption200-300 W
Weight Rating180 Kg
Customised settingTimer, 99 Speed Levels
Dimensions700 x 390 x 145 mm

  • Excellent customer support.
  • Using the product in standing mode makes noise.

#5/5. Pinty Whole Body Vibration Machine Vibrating Platform

If you are looking for an inexpensive and effective vibrating board, Pinty Fitness is worth checking out.

Important Features

Weight and Power Consumption200 W
Weight Rating120 Kg
Customised settingTimer, 99 Speed levels
Dimensions680 x 388 x 139 mm


  • Sturdy platform.
  • The instruction booklet could be improved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long will it take to see the visible results?

Your present condition and your commitment to living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle will determine when you will begin to see results. Usually, less than two weeks is enough to see a noticeable effect.

What will be the early benefits of the vibrating plate?

You will feel energized, and your flexibility will increase. Research has also shown that stretching combined with vibration training can have a significant effect on muscle flexibility.

How long can I use the Vibrating Plate to experience the effects?

It’s recommended that you use the vibrating plate for three to ten minutes per day. The exercise can be performed in a basic standing pose to target specific parts of the body. After practising, it can include more complex poses.

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