When it comes to burning calories, there are many options available. These require an expensive gym membership and hectic training. On the other hand, walking is easy and very efficient. Although we came across Weight Loss Success Stories, many people believe that weight loss by walking is inefficient compared to other forms of exercise.

Walking has the potential to improve people’s lives. Walking can lose weight significantly, even if done for 30 minutes four days a week.


Try these five tips for weight loss by walking

1) Start with the basics

Getting started is easy. Walking for twenty to thirty minutes will set you on the path to weight loss. So, start with a few minutes every day and gradually increase it. Daily walks can be scheduled before the start of the day’s work or immediately after dinner.

2) Establish a routine for weight loss by walking

Once a good time has been set, practice going for a walk regularly. It is recommended to walk for at least half an hour four times a week. Nevertheless, going out every day can significantly impact your health if you have the time. On the contrary, consistency is most essential.

3) Increase your effort

Once you’ve built a consistent habit of walking and become aware of your limits, consider pushing yourself a little further to achieve significant weight loss. So, if you walk for thirty minutes, increase your daily walking time to forty minutes. Also, if you can maintain a comfortable pace, you can progressively increase your walking speed.
Despite this, set yourself a goal of maintaining a healthy heart rate and walking without feeling fatigued in general. When that happens, things will get easier, and you should increase your level of effort.

4) Walk with others


Many walking clubs, health agencies host monthly or yearly activities to promote weight loss by walking. These walks can be in spring, summer or winter and are suitable for individuals of all levels. In addition, most of them are free and open to the public.

They are highly enjoyable as they involve walking in a pleasant environment. In addition, walking with other like-minded individuals provides many opportunities for social relation. You can learn more about such ongoing events by searching the Internet for any clubs or local councils in your area.

5) Invest in a pair of high-quality shoes


Since shoes will be your only expense when you have decided to go for weight loss by walking, you should focus on quality. When wearing shoes, check for pinching or pressure points that can result in blisters on the bottom of your feet. Additionally, try the socks you’re running in and keep in mind that you’ll need a size larger than normal if you intend to walk in thicker socks. Plus, the shoe should provide adequate arch support and a modest heel made of solid material to stabilize the heel.

Finding a proper, regular weight loss workout is easier than it sounds. There are many benefits of weight loss apart from appearance. When these tips are implemented, walking has the potential to create numbers of weight loss success stories. When a proper diet plan is combined with medications, you will find that losing weight is as simple as going for a walk outside.

This article for educational and information purpose only, not to provide medical advice. Always visit a physician or other certified health provider about any medical issue or health goal.

In consultation with Dr Ajeet Pratap Singh (Medical Officer)

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