Is going to the gym not your thing? Do you think dancing is a viable alternative to weight loss? Nonetheless, I’m not talking about wearing a fancy dress and going to a discotheque at night. Although you burn calories by packing your stuff at night, it is balanced by calories consumed in the form of alcohol and junk food. Here I am talking about the Zumba dance technique. Due to its popularity in weight-loss activities, people started calling it weight loss Zumba dance, which is effective and pleasant.


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What is the calorie-burning rate for weight loss with Zumba dance?

The most notable feature of Zumba is the number of calories it burns. An hour of Zumba can burn between 500 and 850 calories, depending on your body weight and fitness level. If a 70 kg person exercises in Zumba for an hour, they can expect to burn about 535 calories. This is significantly higher compared to moderate swimming, which burns around 420 calories per hour.

Why is adopting Zumba to lose weight so effective?

Zumba sets the body in motion

It is a beautiful cardiovascular activity in which your body is always dancing, stepping and moving in a regular motion. For this reason, it is a great technique for getting an excellent workout. This significantly increases calorie burning, which leads to rapid weight loss. In summary, your body burns a large number of calories while participating in this type of activity.

Overall, the body workout

Zumba workouts increase your energy expenditure. Moreover, it also contributes to the development of your muscles and bone density throughout your body. Hence, its popularity is increasing every day, and people are adopting Zumba to lose weight.

Increase metabolism

Zumba is performed intermittently. It includes both slow and fast movements, which is an excellent combination. This workout will increase your body’s metabolic rate significantly.

Pleasant ending


We are all well aware that traditional workouts are quite tedious and time-consuming to complete. In such a situation, Zumba can be very effective. It is very different from the typical workout and provides a lot of fun. Since it’s fun and engaging, you can spend hours doing it and have a great time!

Increase discipline level


Zumba requires a great amount of commitment and dedication from the participants, which is another reason for the widespread success of Zumba in losing weight. After incorporating Zumba into your routine, you will notice a large boost in discipline.

How often do you do Zumba to lose weight?

The frequency of Zumba sessions needed to achieve your fitness goals varies. However, it is recommended to burn 300-400 calories three times a week during each training session.

In addition, diet plays a role in weight loss. To lose one pound each week, you must consume 500 calories less than you burn.Must Read : 8 Diet Plan for Weight Loss


Zumba is a popular and stylish workout for individuals of all ages and fitness levels and has many health benefits. Furthermore, weight loss Zumba dance is an excellent exercise for those who want to lose weight while having fun and dancing to the tune of their favourite music. It tones your entire body while strengthening your cardiovascular system. Plus, it lowers blood pressure. Since it is less stressful on your joints, it is less prone to injury. However, it is recommended that you get professional supervision before starting a Zumba workout.

This article for educational and information purpose only, not to provide medical advice. Always visit a physician or other certified health provider about any medical issue or health goal.

In consultation with Dr Ajeet Pratap Singh (Medical Officer)

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